M.A.I.A. Book Store

The central text of A.A. is the book “Alcoholics Anonymous (commonly called “the Big Book”), which was written by co-founder Bill Wilson and a group of early AA’s as a guide to how they found relief from alcoholism.  The Preface, Forwards to previous editions, and the Doctors Opinion, followed by the first 164 pages of the text describe their experience, and the program of recovery.  The remainder of the book is a collection of personal stories.  The Big Book has a dark blue cover (preview a portion of Chapter 5 from the Big Book), and is sold at the Memphis Intergroup Office for $12.00.  It is also commonly for sale (or given to those who can’t afford it) at A.A. meetings.  The local library and used bookstores also often have several copies available.  Braille, large print, and a variety of language versions are available.  It is very readable, and many alcoholics have found hope in its pages.

Here is a list of some of the literature for sale at the Memphis Intergroup Office:


Alcoholics Anonymous (the Big Book) — hard cover, soft cover, and pocket-size
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions — hard cover, soft cover, and pocket-size
Daily Reflections
As Bill Sees It — soft cover/hard cover
Pass it On
Dr. Bob & the Good Oldtimers
A.A. Comes of Age
Came To Believe
Living Sober
Language of the Hear



This is A.A.
A.A. — 44 Questions
Is A.A. For You?
How It Works
The Jack Alexander Article About A.A.
Q & A on Sponsorship
The A.A. Group
A.A. Tradition — How It Developed
Inside A.A.
A Newcomer Asks
Is A.A. for Me?
A Members Eye View of A.A.
A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous