What is Intergroup

The Memphis Area Intergroup is a committee of volunteers made up of representatives from A.A. groups all over the greater Memphis area. Intergroup encourages mutual support and cooperation between area A.A. Groups It provides services for all groups that would be too much for the individual groups to handle by themselves. Some of these services are:

  • Distribute literature
  • Supply meeting schedules
  • A.A. Hotline
  • Act as liaison amoung A.A. Groups
  • Information center for the general public
  • Create and support service committees such as:
    • Public Information
    • Accessibility Committee
    • Cooperation with the Professional Community
    • Cooperation with Treatment Facilities
    • Cooperation with Correctional Facilities
  • Sponsor special functions for all groups (Summer Picnic)

Who Runs Intergroup?
The Intergroup Committee, made up of Intergroup Representatives (IGR), supervise the operation of Intergroup. A chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and Steering Committee members at large, are elected by the committee to act as officers of Intergroup. The Steering Committee supervises Intergroup’, which is run by a paid staff and volunteers. They handle normal day-to-day business at the Intergroup  Office which, by the way, is only a branch of Intergroup. The groups, as represented by their IGR’s, have the ultimate responsibility.

Who Can Become an IGR?
Each area AA group selects an IGR and an alternate. The IGR and alternate should be active members of the group. It is suggested they have at least one year of continuous sobriety. The term is two years.

What Does an IGR Have to Do?
IGR’s represent their groups at the monthly Intergroup Committee meetings held the second Sunday of every month. They report to their groups about the work of Intergroup and of any volunteers needed to perform service work or fill positions. They take issues back to the groups for discussion and return the following month with the group conscience at the next committee meeting. They also approve the annual budget and participate in the nomination and election of the Intergroup Officers. Finally, they will help the new IGR become accustomed to the job.

Who Needs Intergroup and who supports it?
We all do! Intergroup uses monies contributed by groups in the area to carry on the normal functions previously described. Your group support is needed to make sure that Intergroup can give us and the community the services we need. “When anyone anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that I am responsible.”