Local Online mtgs

In support of Social Distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, many meetings are offering online or conference call alternatives.

To find local online meetings, go to the meetings page and use the filter functions at the top. Click on the “Any Type” button and select “Online Meeting” from the drop down list. You can use further filters for location and time of day, if you like. Then CLICK on the meeting name to see the meeting details, including a button for the online meeting. Clicking on the button will, in most cases, launch the Zoom meeting application for that meeting. If a password is required, it is listed in the box of Meeting Information above the Online Meeting box.

Please note that NOT ALL ONLINE meetings are also Temporarily Closed. Only where the meeting address is “dimmed” are the meeting places temporarily closed.

If your group has an online meeting or conference call that you would like to see published in the meeting information, please call the Intergroup office, or send an email to: memphisarea@bellsouth.net

For national online meetingshttp://aa-intergroup.org/

On-Line Meeting Resources

Click here for some helpful information in setting up a Zoom meeting with regard to anonymity from the New York Intergroup Office.

Click here for some useful tips for managing meeting participants, from our friends in the San Francisco Intergroup office.

Click here for the Online Intergroup for national online meetings.